Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy!!

I found quite a few pictures of my sister-in-law Cindy. It was fun to see the pictures of Grandma's 100th birthday and Grandma's 95th birthday with Cindy and her family. Cindy is so much fun to be around and is a great wife, sister, mother and friend. We always have a wonderful time when we get together for family celebrations and trips. Happy Birthday Cindy!! I hope you are having a fabulous birthday in Rocky Pointe!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I decided to share some sweet pictures of mom since she recently celebrated a birthday! Wasn't she a beautiful baby! She was very kind to her younger sister Mary. I love the picture of her washing her hair. Mom loved dogs and riding horses. As a teenager she enjoyed taking her nephew to the beach in Califonia. When she met my dad it was love at first sight. They were married in Mesa and have three children and lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mom enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, traveling, and reading good books. She also finds time to volunteer in schools to help kids learn to read. She is a wonderful example to me and I feel blessed to be her daughter! She is beautiful inside and out!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny!

I came across all these adorable pictures of my younger brother and had to share them. I loved to play with match box cars with Johnny and we would build lots of roads in our front yard. I also loved to dress him up like a baby girl and comb his hair with a curl on top. He is a great brother and I have so many fond memories of our wonderful childhood together. Happy birthday Johnny!!