Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Phoenix Zoo

Since the weather was cool today we thought it would be fun to
go to the zoo on bikes! Bikes are a great way to see it all!

We went to the Zoo at 7:00 in the morning to beat the heat.
It was extra fun since we had Emily, Sadie and Bryson.

It was fun to watch the Rhinos eat their breakfast!

They enjoyed watching the baboons eat their breakfast too!

Since it was cloudy it was a beautiful day for the zoo!

The kids were asking to see the monkeys all morning.
These Common Squirrel Monkeys are so cute and entertaining!

Sadie is reading about the Common Squirrel Monkey.

Emily took a picture of these cute little monkeys.

The kids saw lots of different kinds of monkeys this morning.

Grandma always has a blast with Sadie!

These cousins had a great time together too!

This is a fovorite acitivity at the zoo!
Sadie chose the zebra along with Bryson!

This is another day at the Zoo! On this trip
Carys chose the couger to ride on at the zoo!

Maddie chose to ride on the pony!

Maddie loves to pose for me while playing at the treehouse!

The girls love to play at the treehouse at the zoo.

It was nice in the shade until about 11:00 in the morning.

The girls sure enjoyed spending time with great-grandma and
grandpa Leffue. This is our favorite area by the little stream!