Monday, October 19, 2009

What Matters Most

As I watched and listened to this video clip it reminded of an experience that I had recently. Last month while I taught a lesson at school about comprehension strategies and making connections I decided to read a book about George Washington and his life etc. I had found a beautiful big book with lots of pictures to help us remember George Washington. This book jumped out at me since this past summer I went to Mount Vernon and had wonderful memories of all of the historical sights. I thought I could make some great connections with this book called "Remembering George Washington". During the lesson we talked about how George Washington was out first president etc. The question arose as to who the President of the United States is today (President Obama had just spoken the day before about the importantance of doing your best in school etc.) and a little girl in the front row said President Monson. It made me smile and I thought of this as I listened to President Monson's sweet voice. I really like this video about what matters most in our lives. I hope you enjoy it too!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It was quite an experience to be on the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Colorful fish in the clear turquoise water were fun to see.

We took lots of pictures!

Poncho the sea lion is on the rock.

We felt safer with our life jackets on while in our glass bottom boat.

Our ship "Mariner of the Seas" is in the background.

Tom enjoyed a Para - Sailing adventure too!

I went too but I didn't get a picture of it.

Jason and Jessie enjoyed para-sailing for the first time too.

Jason and Jessie having a great time in the refreshing water!

This is a beautiful beach called Lover's beach. We had a wonderful time while visiting this lovely seaside paradise and seeing lots of sea lions on the rocks and fish in the water.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Part of our tour took us to El Eden Jungle where many popular
movies like Preditor and Night of the Iguana were filmed.

This was a beautiful place to take pictures!

The water here was quite cold!

The rope over the water is used to swing out into the pool.

Watch out Tom there is someone behind you!

Don't you love this beautiful beach!

Look out point over the City of Puerto Vallarta!

Enjoing the sights!!!

It is always great to spend time listening to the waves roll in!

We loved this beautiful place by the beach!
It was fun to spend time with my Mom and Dad!
Artist displaying their paintings!

Mermaids and scrulptures along the beachfront were lovely to see!
What a cutie!

I love my Mom and Dad!!!

This picture is taken in front of the cathedral in the picture below!

This once-sleepy fishing village became a popular resort after "The Night of the Iguana" was filmed here in 1964. We loved the red tile roofs and rows of balconies with colorful bougainvilleas along its cobblestone streets. We explored the El Eden Jungle and ate lunch by the natural pools while watching swimmers enjoying the cold water. It was a beautiful place to visit and I would love to go back again!

Mazatlan, Mexico

Here we are leaving Mazatlan!

These little taxis are all over Mazatlan!

We spent the afternoon at a Resort called Pueblo Bonito.

Jessie and Jason enjoyed a stroll along the beach.

My favorite treat is a virgin Pina Colada on the beach!

Cliff diving is quite a site!

A pretty view of Mazatlan during the tour!

Another nice view of the ocean!

This is a view of Mazatlan from the ship.

Our Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

We were so glad that Jessie and Jason invited us on this cruise!
Dinner each night was the highlight of the trip for me!

The food was delicious every night!

Everyone loved getting dressed up! Ha! Ha!

Mom and Dad look great dressed in their formal attire!

Here we are all dressed up for dinner!

We had a blast with Jason and Jessie on the cruise!

The waiters all sang at dinner! We watched "Ice Under the Big Top" starring the International Ice Cast. They were outstanding and I went ice skating on the ship too!

The beds were very comfy in on our little cabins.
We made some earrings and a blacelet in our jewelry class!

We took this picture in the ship shape room!

Exercising in the ship shape room was lots of fun!