Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin picking in Winston-Salem

Sadie loved picking the perfect pumpkin.

It is a tradition to go to the pumpkin patch each year!

There was quite a selection of pumpkins!

Carys was so excited to be with Emily and Mike!

Carys is great in pictures!

We took a picture with the girls!

All the girls together!

We had a blast with all these cute girls!

Thanks Mike and Emily for inviting us to visit!

We had a wonderful time with you!

Playing at the Park

A Moravian Cookie Tour

We started our tour watching the cookies being cut!

This is the giant mixer used to mix the batter!

Our tour guide told us how the business started!

Here they are boxing up the cookies for shipping!

Camp out with Sadie and trip to Mount Airy

The girls camped out in the living room!

We went to Mayberry, USA.

We went to the Mayberry Soda Fountain!

We had ice cream at the counter in Mount Airy!

Then we sat down at the table to finish our ice cream!

We decided to see how much we weighed after our ice cream treat!

Carys and Maddie weighed 90 pounds together!

The three girls weighed 115 pounds all together!

We took a fall picture with all the fun decorations!

Carys wanted a picture with Mr. Pumpkin!

The girls loved the big spider too!

A visit to Virginia with Sadie!

We took a trip up the Blue Ridge Highway.

Madison picked an apple!

Grandpa helped her!

We saw an old fashioned spinning wheel!
And played a pioneer game of checkers!
Sadie loved the pretty leaves that were falling down!

The scenery was gorgeous!

We had so much fun in Virginia!

Three girls in a pioneer wagon!

This picture is taken at Mabrey Mill!

Sadie loved watching the geese!

Grandma with her girls!

A beautiful view of the mill!

Grandpa loves his cute granddaughters!

Three girls in a pumpkin patch!

Washington DC Day 2

Another beautiful day in DC.

Carys loved riding on the Metro!

The girls loved the Science and Space Museum!

An upclose view is always nice!

The girls love to learn about space!
We learned about Amelia Earhart and her first flight!

We also learned about Charles and Anne Lindbergh!

One last picture before we leave Washington!

Another cute picture!

Finnally we are leaving DC.

Just another picture of Washington Monument!

Grandma not another picture!

A treat before we catch the plane to North Carolina!

Playing games at the airport!

Our arrival in Greensborough, North Carolina!