Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beauty Creek near Coeur d ' Alene, ID

This is Beauty Creek which is near Coeur d ' Alene.

This is the pretty meadow by our campsite.

We at a delicious breakfast and steak dinner here!
Tom cooked scrambled eggs on the campfire!

Carys enjoyed the roasted marshmallows!
It was fun to make smores for a treat!
Tom made a big fire to cook our steaks.
Madison was a great little camper!!

This was the girls favorite place to be!!

Here we have a cute little bunny in the grass!!

The grass was so green at Beauty Creek!

A fourth generation picture.

What a cute picture of all these girls!
I loved this beautiful creek called Beautiy Creek!

I loved this picture of the red barn in Montana!
This was a beautiful location for a picture in Montana!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custer Park at Yellowstone

The girls enjoyed playing at the playground on the merry go round.

Maddie loved the flintstone car.

It was such a cute campground.

It was a beautiful day in Bedrock!

We were sad to leave the Flintstones!

Our little Rangers were ready for adventure!

We saw antelope grazing on the grass!

Buffalo crossing the road!

The girls fed the burros celery!

Daddy enjoyed feeding the burros too!

We had a great time at the visitor center that we visited!

Yellowstone National Park

Our first stop in Yellowstone was Old Faithful.
I remember seeing Old Faithful when I was a little girl.

The kids enjoyed seeing the sights by not the smells!

They took a nice hike around the area.

We waited about ten minutes for Old Faithful.

We took a few pictures of everyone.

After Old Faithful erupted we visited the historic inn.

Old faithful Inn is built with interesting wood logs.

My mom's sisters worked in the summers here while they were in college.

It was very interesting to learn more about this historic inn.

I loved this visit to Old Faithful Inn.

The most fun was just being together with family!

Mount Rushmore

After 24 hours of driving we made it to Mount Rushmore!
It was absolutely breathtaking!

Everyone was excited to be here!

We learned so much about each of the Presidents.

We had a great guide who took us on a tour at the monument!

It was spectacular to see the parade of flags as we left the park!