Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tag you're it!

Debbie tagged me so here it goes!

4 Jobs I've had

1. Secretary at ASU
2. Cashier at Big Surf
3. Teacher in Kdg, 1st and 2nd grade
4. Reading Specialist and Coach

4 Places I've lived

1. Arlington
2. Prescott Valley
3. Tempe
4. Mesa

4 Favorite Foods

1. Rocky Road Ice Cream
2. Strawberries
3. Shrimp scampi
4. Shrimp tacos at Tia Rosas

4 Websites I visit

1. Blog sites of family
2. Blog sites of friends
3. Children of the code
4. Reading Research sites

4 Places I'd rather be

1. Holland
2. Japan
3. England
4. Italy

4 Favorite Movies

1. It's a Wonderful Life
2. It Could Happen to you
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. Miracle on 34th Street

4 People I tag

1. Jessie
2. Emily
3. Stacey
4. Jana


Webb Family said...

I loved all your answers! It's crazy how you are my aunt & I just learned a lot of new things about you.

Mike and Debbie said...

So fun to see what you answers were. I can see that you are a Christmas movie fan as well. I love all of those movies too.