Sunday, October 14, 2007

Visiting friends in San Antonio

We were very happy to be able to take a trip to San Antonio during October Break. We had a great time visiting with Craig and Dorothy Funk good friends of mine from Prescott Valley. We went to the Alamo, rode a boat on the river walk and had dinner there. We also visited the shops in Fredricksburg and went to the San Antonio Temple. It was absolutely gorgeous. Dorothy is a reading teacher and she took me to her school and gave me lots of fabulous materials and ideas. It was so fun to visit and stay with them for a couple of days.


Stacey Crewse said...

Fun Pictures! Craig and Dorothy Funk are so much fun! I do love San Antonio- it's the only city in Texas that I could ever live. Great pictures, I like the one of you driving the truck...It probably brings back memories of you living in Buckeye...haha :)

Annie said...

You two are quite the travellers! The joys of being empty nesters. My folks are sure loving it and you know what I think?...they deserve it! They have made so many sacrifices for us, it's time they have some fun! :)

Jessie and Jason Evans said...

My mom loves San Antonio. She's always talking about how great it is, and it does look like fun!

Daniel said...

Tom and Cheryl,

Hello. My name is Daniel Gibson. I was a student of Craig's at Embry-Riddle and a friend of Brad's at Sheppard AFB. I just learned today of Brad's passing and have been trying to locate Craig and Dorthy. If you would please send their contact information to, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your help and have a nice weekend.

Very Respectfully,