Sunday, November 25, 2007

Richard's 50th Birthday Party!

Tom's brother Richard celebrated his 50th birthday recently at the park. He is very happy to be a part of the elite 50 and over Club. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast playing at the park. We had pizza, lemon meringue pie and yummy chocolate cake with carmel filling. Barb made the cake and it was delicious! It was fun to see all of Richard's kids and I'm looking forward to seeing Courtney's new blog too!


Barb Elder said...

How fun to see my brother Sam
on your blog! Looks like a fun party. Family is the best! We sure enjoy Jason. We had a great time over Thanksgiving and at the Cabin. I love that he loves to play games. Scott, Geoff, Carlie and Jason play a all day game on Sat. (I don't think Jessie was happy) But everyone else that played was.

Courtney said...

Cheryl it was so good to see you all at the party! The girls are so adorable. I'm really going to work on getting a blog going so I can be part of the club!

Webb Family said...

I love that about AZ you can eat Thanksgiving out side & have b-day parties at the park! Beautiful weather this time of year!!