Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Nativity Party

We had our ward Christmas party and dressed in clothes that people wore in Bethleham during our Savior's birth. Tom and I sold pastries at the pastry shop. We had fun with the girls collecting coins for the pastries. Our shop was the favorite shop at the market place!


Stacey Crewse said...

So Cute! I hadno idea you guys did that, I bet the girls loved it! You're the best!

Mike and Debbie said...

What a fun thing to do for Christmas. I have missed "blog hopping" lately and was so glad to see so many new pictures on your blog. You and Tom have been having lots of fun. I just saw Emily at the temple yesterday and heard the good news!!!! Between Matt's engagement and Emily's pregnancy, I'll bet you are feeling extremely blessed. Congrats!

The Fab Fabian Life said...

What a great ward party idea- focusing on the true meaning of Christmas!