Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Little Mermaid Play

Carys was so excited and brought her Little Mermaid purse to the play.

Nicole was adorable dressed up like a sailor. She is such a good dancer too!

Johnny had the role of the king in the play and did great singing his song. We were so proud of how well he did.

When we took Carys home we had a yummy dinner at Stacey's house. The girls enjoyed a story with their daddy.

It was so much fun being able to go to see Johnny and Nicole perform in the play called The Little Mermaid. Carys was so excited and we all had a wonderful time. It was so nice that Carys was able to sit in the front row. Both Johnny and Nicole were amazing in their roles in the play. At the end of the play Carys was so excited that she wanted to go on the stage too! We had a fabulous time and Carys informed me that she would love to do plays too when she turns five!


Paige said...

that is so fun that they were both in the play & the little mermaid, my favorite. carys what a cutie i can see it now her performing on stage just like her mom.

Jessie Evans said...

What fun! Carys is growing up so fast and is so cute! Hopefully we'll see her again before she grows up too much more.

Barb Elder said...

Wow looks like you have had a great summer so far. Jessie really enjoys you and your family. She keep talking about having you come to the cabin. That could be a lot of fun.