Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun in Pinetop

We went to Pinetop a few weeks ago to see Marisol and Evan. They spoke in church and we took care of the boys. They both did great, we had a wonderful time and I saw so many people that I knew there. The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun playing with the boys. Marisol made a delicious dinner and we wish we could have stayed longer!


Susan said...

What a fun place to go visit. I bet they are going to love it up there. Mark has a cousin that lives in pinetop and they love it. I'm glad you guys are able to go up and help them.

Cheryl said...

She is in their ward and is so cute! We saw her when we were there and she said to say Hi. I hadn't seen Paul for over 30 years and it was fun to see him too!

Mike and Debbie said...

how fun to get a chance and an excuse to get up there to see Evan and Marisol. There children are so darling.