Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason!

Jason was born in Douglas, AZ and was quickly air evacuated to Tucson Medical Center within 12 hours. One of the nurses told me that he had Catcry Syndrome and would only live to be about 6 months old. I was so worried and later they told me that his vocal cords were paralysed and hopefully they would heal up when he got older. Gradually he was able to cry and I was so happy to hear his voice. I was also thrilled when he said his first words. He was such a cute baby and is such a fine young man. I am so happy that he married Beautiful Jessie! Have a wonderful birthday Jason! We love you!!


Matthew and Jana said...

The catcry syndrome story is always pretty tear-jerking for me. I'm glad you can now talk good Jason. Happy birthday! And happy birthday to you too Mom, I always wonder why we celebrate it for the kid. You were more involved in the birth than that little cat baby was.

Barb Elder said...

Happy Birthday Jason. He is so cute in all your pictures. I have heard about the Catry syndrome. Those days must of been hard for you. Jason is alive and well YEA. We celebrate his life. We all love him.

Annie said...

Wow, I had no idea he was such a miracle child. That made me cry reading that. Happy Birthday Jason!