Monday, May 18, 2009

Matt graduates from ASU!

Matt and Jana at Matt's graduation last week!
We arrived early that afternoon!

It was a warm, sunny afternoon!

We had great seats in the shade when Tom and LeGrand arrived.
We also had a blast with Jana's mom.
There was a spectacular turn out for the graduation!

We all got a glimpse of President Obama.

President Obama gave an inspirational speech!

Six hours later we were leaving the stadium. Congratulations Matt! We have had quite a few graduates in our family from ASU. My grandmother graduated from ASU when it was Tempe Normal School for teachers and my dad went to ASU when it was Arizona State College. I recieved my degree from ASU when Matt was two years old. We are so proud of Matt and are looking forward to seeing where he decides to go to Medical school. Congratulations!


Mike and Debbie said...

Congrats to Matt!!! That is quite an accomplishment. Just read about Jason as well on their blog! thank goodness for blogs.. it helps to stay in touch better. glad to see that you had such a nice mother's day as well!!

Emily Evans said...

Way to go Matt!

Barb Elder said...

Congratulations to Matt. That's great. Jessie said he might stay in Arizona. That would be good for you.

twin2trip said...

Wow congrats to your baby Matt.

P.S. - I love your yellow shirt you are wearing.