Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lisbon, Portugal

Stacey took this picture right before we landed in Lisbon.
The girls slept well on the flight through the night. I was so glad
that they were comfortable with a whole row to themselves.

Before we checked into our hotel the girls had a few minutes
to play at this playground next to our hotel room.

On a walk to the Metro we saw this beautiful peacock.
Downtown Lisbon was well lit at night and we enjoyed looking at all the historical buildings.

The building in the back is used for bullfights on Thursdays and was recently restored.

The girls enjoyed riding on Grandpa's shoulders whenever they were
tired of walking. They love the view and being close to Grandpa.

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Mike E. said...

Once I get a break I am going to Europe with ya'll. Sadie and Emily are coming, too!