Monday, October 19, 2009

What Matters Most

As I watched and listened to this video clip it reminded of an experience that I had recently. Last month while I taught a lesson at school about comprehension strategies and making connections I decided to read a book about George Washington and his life etc. I had found a beautiful big book with lots of pictures to help us remember George Washington. This book jumped out at me since this past summer I went to Mount Vernon and had wonderful memories of all of the historical sights. I thought I could make some great connections with this book called "Remembering George Washington". During the lesson we talked about how George Washington was out first president etc. The question arose as to who the President of the United States is today (President Obama had just spoken the day before about the importantance of doing your best in school etc.) and a little girl in the front row said President Monson. It made me smile and I thought of this as I listened to President Monson's sweet voice. I really like this video about what matters most in our lives. I hope you enjoy it too!

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