Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sadie comes to visit!

Sadie loves the flowers at Grandma's house!

We smelled the roses that were blooming and then Sadie tried to smell these flowers.
She loves to watch Tucker!

She also loves the little pony!

She likes to push the button to hear the song!

She is such a cutie!

I didn't realize she had my glasses until I saw this picture.

She loves to look at books!

Grandma loved every minute she was able to spend with Sadie!

Sadie adores Tucker!

Tucker always wants to play ball!

When Grandpa got home from work he was delighted to see Sadie!

Carys loves her cousin too!

Aren't they adorable!

Sadie loves to play with toys!

Sadie came home with Emily's parents and we were able to spend some time with her this past week-end. She even got to spend the night at our house! She is such a sweetie and cutie. She goes to bed and takes a nap without even fussing. She is an amazing little girls who loves books, Tucker, everyone in the family and toys. We had a blast taking care of her and she is such a doll. As you can see everyone loves Sadie!!


Emily Evans said...

I miss my girl, but I'm glad to see that she had fun at Grandma's house!

Stacey Crewse said...

Yes, everyone LOVES Miss Sadie! I can't wait to see her too.

Mike and Debbie said...

When Marilyn told me that she was still enjoying her vacation I thought she may have missed her flight home but then when she explained that they brought Sadie home with them I understood completely. She definitely has her momma's mouth but her daddy's coloring!!

Webb Family said...

oh my what a beautiful girlie!!
How fun to have her come for a visit. Our they staying for Thanksgiving?