Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fort Sumter

On the way to Fort Sumter at Liberty Square.

Riding on Grandpa's shoulders is always fun while going to Fort Sumter Memorial Monument.

A view of Charleston from the ferry.

A view of Fort Sumter from the ferry.

Posing by the sign before entering Fort Sumter.

Pointing out the shells in the concrete at the fort.

The sky was so blue with the flags waving in the background.

What a big cannon!

Walking around the fort on daddy's shoulders.

Looking inside a little cannon.

What a cutie!

There was a nice breeze while we were there.

Leaving the fort.
One last picture of the fort.
Getting ready to board the ferry after our visit.

We had a fun visit to Fort Sumter to see where the civil war began. South Carolina had seceded from the union, yet Union forces still occupied Fort Sumter at the entrance of Charleston Harbor. The South demanded that Fort Sumter be vacated. The North refused. For almost two years, 46,000 shells, estimated at more that seven million pounds of metal, were fired at Fort Sumter. For these reasons and more, Fort Sumter remains one of the most significant historical monuments in the United States. We enjoyed the narrated history of Charleston Harbor on the ferry and learning more about the Civil War and the many points of interests of Fort Sumter.

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