Monday, September 6, 2010

Hiking to Stewart Falls

We started our hike to Stewart Falls near Aspen Grove.

We were so happy that Matt and Jana were with us.

Carys loves Matt and Jana.

When Mattie's legs are tired she loves to ride on Daddy's shoulders.

It was a beautiful hike!

Mattie lost her headband in a branch hanging over the trail.
I pulled it off and gave it back to her. It was so funny!

We were so glad that Jessie and Jason were with us too!
Carys loves her Aunt Jessie and Uncle Jason!

It was quite a rocky hike to the falls.
I slipped and fell down twice during the hike!

We finally made it to the top!

This was Norah's first big hike!

The falls were beautiful and it was nice and cool!

We had to take lots of pictures!

Matt almost ran under the falls but I took this cute picture!

LeGrand always enjoys hiking with his girls!

Mattie loves to ride piggyback on shoulders whenever she can!

What a cute picture of Norah, Jason and Jessie!

We had a nice man take this picture of all of us!
We are sad that we are missing Stacey since she had to work!

Too bad Stacey had to fly to Boston and miss out!

We decided to hike back on the trail to Sundance.

It was a much nicer and there weren't as many rocks on the trail.

It was fun to spend time together as a family!

Matt and Jana were great hikers!

Norah enjoyed the bouncy ride too!

She is so precious and adorable even after a four mile hike!!

Carys told her dad that she would rather go on the relaxing ski lift!

Sundance Resort is such a pretty place!
I can't wait to go back again and ride the ski lift!

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