Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beauty Creek near Coeur d ' Alene, ID

This is Beauty Creek which is near Coeur d ' Alene.

This is the pretty meadow by our campsite.

We at a delicious breakfast and steak dinner here!
Tom cooked scrambled eggs on the campfire!

Carys enjoyed the roasted marshmallows!
It was fun to make smores for a treat!
Tom made a big fire to cook our steaks.
Madison was a great little camper!!

This was the girls favorite place to be!!

Here we have a cute little bunny in the grass!!

The grass was so green at Beauty Creek!

A fourth generation picture.

What a cute picture of all these girls!
I loved this beautiful creek called Beautiy Creek!

I loved this picture of the red barn in Montana!
This was a beautiful location for a picture in Montana!!

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