Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Thanksgiving Point Gardens are such a beautiful place to visit!

Norah loves to walk around the Italians Gardens!

There are so many beautiful places to take pictures there.

Thanksgiving Point is a beautiful place that was created by Alan and Karen Ashton. It was starated with the idea that knowledge through first hand experience is one of the greatest gifts you could offer. There are beautiful gardens and so many educational opportunities to experience. It is an amazing place to visit. Norah loved the beautiful gardens there too!

Noah's Ark was a fun water play area for kids to cool off.

This pretty garden is called the secret garden. It was my favorite. As you can see Thanksgiving Point is a beautiful place to visit. We had so much fun enjoying the gardens. Thanks Jessie and Jason for taking us to this gorgeous place. We had a wonderful time there!

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Debbie said...

what fun!! looks like you have a fun trip to Utah. i think we are about traveled out right now and since we just got back from utah a couple of weeks ago, i doubt we will be going back soon..but next time..... you have given of lots of ideas of things to do!! :-)