Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Trip

Vivian's first trip to the cabin!
There was so much snow on the roof of the cabin!
The girls had so much fun together!
They built snow caves.
It was so cold in the snow caves!
The girls had a blast!
They made snow angels!
Vivian was an angel as usual!
All the girls had a great time at the cabin!
Matt loves Jana!
Grandma loves Norah!
Cute babies at the cabin!
Norah and Jessie's first trip to the cabin!
Such a cute picture at the cabin!
Rowan and Sadie's first trip to the cabin too!
The girls had a fun time sledding!
Grandma had a fun time holding Rowan!
It was a beautiful day!
The babies were dressed warmly!
We had fun spending time together playing in the snow.
All the kids were at the cabin on the 26th of December!

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