Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Matt loves to read books! Isn't he such a cute little boy!!

We went out to eat at AH-SO. We have lived here forever and didn't even know about the place. Sarah told us about it. They chop and cook the food up right in front of you. The food was yummy!!

The girls enjoyed watching the volcano made out of onions erupt!

Carys loves the new kittens that Matt picked up today!

Look at all the snow in Prescott! We always loved the snow especially when we would have a snow day!

It was a fun tradition for the kids to be in the Kiddie Parade each year in Prescott. They had fun spending time with their Grandma and Grandpa Leffue too!

Matt won the award for the Youngest Walking Patriotic Boy! I think he recieved a ribbon and $20.00 as a prize!! Wow ...we were so excited!!

Matt was such a sweet little boy! He is such a kind husband, son, brother and friend.

What a beautiful couple!

Matt loves Jana!

It is hard to believe that my baby is 22 now! Matt was such a cute baby with lots of black hair when he was born. He loved playing basketball when he was a little boy. Now he is all grown up and married to beautiful Jana. Matt and Jana recently moved into a new apartment and they are both so excited. It is not too far from his school and their work. It is great that they are both working at the same hospital. Jana is working in the ICU unit and Matt is still working at MedAire. We are so happy with the good choices that they make everyday. It was great spending the day with Matt!! Happy Birthday Matt!! We love you!!


Stacey Crewse said...

We LOVE Matt! Happy Birthday little Brother!

Matthew and Jana said...

Hey Mom... thanks for the birthday wishes! I had lots of fun even though I had to get to go to the dentist for drilling. :) Thanks for hanging out with me and our new kitties. I'll put some pictures of them up soon, they are full of energy now that they are a little more comfortable with their new home. Love you!

Jessie Evans said...

Happy birthday Matt! He was such a darling little boy, and such a handsome young man!

Mike and Debbie said...

Happy belated B day Matt!!! It was so fun to see some pictures of Matt when he were younger. He is such a great young man and has a heart just like yours, Cheryl!! Can you believe that your baby is 22?

Webb Family said...

Happy Birthday to MAtt!
I can;t believe he is 22 wow time flies.
He was such a cute little boy & is a very handsome guy!