Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year we had the Christmas Eve party at my sister Susan's home! Everything was so beautiful and the food was delicious!
All of my Mom and Dad's kids, grandkids and great-grandkids were at the party. We thought is was wonderful that every single member of the family was together this year!
We were fortunate to have Jessie and Jason drive all the way from Utah to spend time with us this year.
Emily came all the way from North Carolina to be with us.
Stacey and LeGrand made some yummy mexican food for the party. Everyone brought some mexican food to share at the Christmas Eve feast! This was the first time we had mexican food.
The kids portrayed the nativity -- a wonderful family Christmas tradition. It was so quiet and peaceful as Nicole and Johnny narrated the Christmas story. Cody portrayed Joseph, Presley portrayed Mary and Tess portrayed sweet baby Jesus. There were angels, shepherds and wisemen too. This is my favorite part of the evening as the love of Christ is always felt during this special time each year. The kids are so adorable!

Stephanie's kids sang a Christmas song and Stephanie sang Mary's Lullaby. This is always very touching and another beautiful Christmas Eve tradition!
The girls in the nativity were so sweet and beautiful! They love the beautiful Christmas music and listened carefully to the story of Jesus's birth.

My Dad read the special story "Twas the Night before Christmas" to the kids before Santa came to visit! His mom used to read him this story when he was a little boy.

Stacey and the kids sang some fun songs before Santa's arrival.

Sydney was excited to get the first gift from Santa!

Madison enjoyed a gift and spending time with Santa too!

Another cute pose with Braden and Santa.

Evan enjoyed a gift from Santa too.

Alyssa is our oldest grandchild but she is not too old for Santa.

Carys also enjoyed a picture with Santa along with her gift!

The great-grandkids and younger grandkids pose together after each child received a gift and was able to visit with Santa Claus.

After Santa's visit we had the traditional White Elephant gift exchange.

We sang some songs with the Singing Machine. I didn't get a picture but Jack and Matt really had fun singing and the kids had fun singing and dancing!

We were excited to get a four generation picture with Sadie's Great-Grandma Pearl, Cheryl, Emily and little baby Sadie.

Tom and I have loved spending time with all of our beautiful grandchildren!

It was so fun to be able to hold baby Sadie. I hadn't held her for over two months. Isn't she so adorable and precious!

On Christmas morning Jacob loved all the excitment of the Christmas season!

Carys loved the baby dolls that she opened on Christmas morning!

Jana looks beautiful after working all night on Christmas Eve!

I had fun with Mike and Emily shopping the day after Christmas. The are such good parents to Sadie. Aren't they a cute little family!

We watched Stephnie's kids when they went to the temple. Cute baby Jaron had so much fun on the clippity-clop horse!

We were so glad that Evan, Marisol and the kids could drive all the way from Pinetop to spend time with us! They had to leave on Saturday since Evan is coaching the high school basketball team.

On Sunday we were so happy that Sadie went to church with us.

We have had such a wonderful Christmas! We were so blessed to have our whole family together this year!


Mike E. said...

Great pictures! We had such a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying our time with family. What will Sadie do without her grandmas when we leave?

Annie said...

Hello Auntie! I was so sad that by the time I got my kids in bed you guys already had gone. I really wanted to be able to visit.
Your Christmas adventures sure looked fun.
Could you please e-mail me so I can add you to our list of authorized blog viewers?

Barb Elder said...

WOW lucky you! You have so much family near by. That looks like so much fun. Jessie had a great time with your family. Thanks

mattnbeth said...

what a beautiful family you have. we loved seeing jason and jessie while they were here. we sure missed sadie though :(