Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Trip to the Cabin

Look at all the snow at Forest Lakes! There was over four feet! It was such a beautiful drive through the forest with all the snow.
We couldn't drive into the cabin so we parked in the front.

Grandpa pulled the girls in on a sled!

Carys thought this was great fun!

It was a beautiful day for beautiful girls to spend in the snow!

Carys is nice and warm with her new Christmas coat!

The girls fell down in the snow and couldn't stop giggling!

Madison thought the glistening snow was perfect fun for everyone!

Carys had fun crunching her feet in the snow and pulling Maddie!

Carys and Grandpa had fun sledding in the snow!

Madison loves to go sledding with her sister Carys!

Little Evan had great fun with the girls too! He loved sledding too!

Madison loves her Grandpa no matter what they are doing!

I didn't realize how much fun you could have in the fluffy snow. I'm glad I found some snow bibs in the garage. It is really nice to play in the snow when you can stay warm.

The sun was out so it was a great day for sledding!

We spent a wonderful afternoon at the cabin . Marisol and Evan drove over from Pinetop to join us in the fun. It was such a beautiful day and the only thing I would change is that next time we will have snow pants for the girls. Marisol picked up some snow pants for the girls on the way home so next time they will be able to play longer and not get wet. If you like to play in the snow on a sunny day Forest Lakes is great place to go. We had a blast in the glistening snow!


Matthew and Jana said...

How fun! I am jealous...

twin2trip said...

Fun & fun!! You are the cutest grandma. Weird to call you that because you look so young.

Barb Elder said...

Looks like a great time for everyone. I love sunny snow days! You are a beautiful Grandma. The girls look like they had the time of their lives.