Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marvel Cave and Silver Dollar City

We decided our trip to Branson, Missouri would not
be complete without a visit to Silver Dollar City.

Our first destination was Marvel Cave.
This picture was taken in the Cathedral room.

Marvel Cave earlier known as Marble Cave began tours in 1894.

A hot air balloon was used during the grand opening inside the cave.

It was nice and cool inside the cave.

We went through several narrow passage ways.

It was an experince that we will never forget.

Marvel Cave was beautiful and an amazing experience.

Everyone had fun at the Silver Dollar City.

The river rafting ride was my favorite ride.

The flowers and plants were gorgeous too.

After a full day it is time to leave the park and catch our flight.


Debbie said...

It was so fun to all be together. You got some great pictures of it all.

Barb Elder said...

Wow looks like fun. Fun to see my brother Sam on your blog. Looks like he was well taken care of.

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