Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Norah Alexis

Norah Alexis Evans was born on Sunday June 27th.

What a perfect baby girl!

She was born at 1:05 PM.

Isn't she beautiful!

Daddy loves and cherishes this perfect little girl!

Beautiful flowers brighten the day!

Norah's first doctor visit.

Her beautiful room!

What a perfect baby girl!

Grandma adores Norah!

It is amazing to hold this precious baby girl!

Jessie is such a beautiful and wonderful mom to sweet Norah.

We are so blessed to have baby Norah join our family!


Emily Evans said...

Norah is perfect! I love her room too!

Barb Elder said...

Great pictures of you and Norah. Glad you got to come and visit. She is beautiful!!

Courtney Vance said...

Oh my gosh how precious. Can I just say that Jessie was the cutest pregnant girl ever. I can't believe they've had their baby already. Makes it seem even more real that our baby will be here soon.