Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mount Rainier

A picnic and camping at Ohanapecosh Campsite.
Walking back to the recreational vehicle.

Posing next to Taidnapam River.

Posing next to Douglas firs and western redcedars.

Standing on a stump of a western redcedar tree!

Posing next to the riverside.

A bridge over the creek next to our campsite!

Going on a walk to the falls.

The trail followed beside the creek.

It was a beautiful area.

Another bridge crossing the creek!

Another cute pose by the creek.

The falls were absolutely beautiful.

It was a 30 minute walk to the falls.

Madison rode on her daddy's shoulders part of the way to the falls.

This is a picture of some falls next to the rode.

Mount Rainier is a gorgeous National Park!

We drove across lots of rock bridges.

Tom took this picture with the falls in the background.

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