Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cascade Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway

We were so happy to be able to hike to the Cascade Falls.

It was such a beautiful view on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

We were so happy to have Stacey and Legrand and the girls with us.

Emily had a great little carrier for Rowan.

The girls had a great time together!

We crossed several little bridges over streams.

It was so beautiful by the falls.

Tom took this picture of everyone!

The girls love to be out in nature!

Maddie wanted to sit on the sign.

So did Carys.

Daddy cleaned off some mud on Sadie.

Sadie loved picking flowers!

She loves to be on Grandpa's shoulders to see the leaves.

What a beautiful couple!

We have been married 14 years tomorrow!

The kids had fun playing at the park in

Boone and balancing on the beam.

Baby Rowan loves to be held by his sweet Aunt Stacey!

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