Saturday, July 23, 2011

Russell's Memorial Service

At this memorial service we honored the life of Russell. What a sweet, gentle and caring young man he was to everyone around him. Let us relish life every moment we live it. Give your children and loved ones a hug each and every day. Tell them you love them often! We never know when our loved ones will pass away so cherish each moment you have with them. I am so grateful for family and the loyalty of loved ones. I am so blessed to have all of the supportive friends and family members that I can always count on to be there for me when I need them!

Thank you Russell for blessing my life in so many ways with your unconditional love for all!
I loved these flowers that Tom's friends at work gave us.

Rene's family gave us these beautiful white lilies.

Stacey edited this picture of Russell for me.

Janie helped me to set up the pictures of Russell.

The Pallbearers were helping at the graveside service.

A family picture after the dedication of the grave.

My parents and sister are always there for me to give support!

The flowers were beautiful and dedication of the grave was very sweet.

My dad's parents a buried at Green Acres Cemetary also.

Our ward put on a wonderful luncheon for our family.

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